Kings Island Wish List

Kings Island has been my home-park all of my life. I’ve been a Gold Pass holder on many occasions and I visit as often as I can. Recently inspired by Winter Fest’s return, I decided to throw together a wish list featuring everything I’d love to see at Kings Island in the future. These are... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Hilda

Warning: light spoilers As my younger brother casually scrolled for a new show to play as background noise for his activities, this title skipped across our screen. I immediately asked for the remote and played episode one. Hilda’s non-traditional animation combined with Scandinavian influences is what originally caught my attention. Rarely do you find shows... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Devilman Crybaby

I struggled with this show during my reflections. I tried to find all the value I could. I considered this series a standalone piece though it spawned from a popular manga in Japan. This reflection does not feature outside research – nor do I believe it should. With that in mind, here are a few... Continue Reading →

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